A Diet Without Rice, Is It Safe For Your Body?

A Diet Without Rice, Is It Safe For Your Body

Some people assume, diet is an effort to lose weight. In fact, there are those who go on a diet without rice in a certain period of time to get the ideal weight.

In fact, the diet is more than just a matter of weight but dietary arrangements. In addition, the diet is also related to the intake of nutrients that enter the body. That is, you must adjust the portion of nutrients to be balanced.

A. Why Do Many People Want to Diet?

Who does not want to be ideal? Women usually often undergo a strict diet to get a slim body shape. This is also done by men, although the number is not as many as women.

B. Is it safe to go on a diet without rice?

Rice is the main source of carbohydrate as well as a staple food for Indonesians. The protein content in it is relatively low. This meal is also low in fiber and fat free. Then, why are many people fat because they eat rice? This is because when the calories that enter the body are greater than the calories out, the rest is stored as energy reserves. If there is no burning, the calories automatically accumulate and settle into fat in the body.

C. Is Only Rice That Must Be Shunned?

Actually, not rice is the main factor in increasing body weight. However. excess consumption of carbohydrates that are not balanced with exercise is the main factor. In addition to rice, foods with high carbohydrates that we often encounter everyday as Indonesian people are noodles, pasta, bananas, and other sweet foods.

D. What can be consumed during a diet without rice?

Do you really want to go on a diet without rice? We recommend the following five food sources during the diet program.

1. Vegetables (such as kale, broccoli and carrots)
2. Fruit (such as kiwi fruit, blueberries, lychees, and papaya)
3. Nuts
4. Grains
5. Yoghurt

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