What Makes a Vape Better Than Cigarette?

In fact, the danger of smoking is clearly circulating starting from warnings on cigarette packs and other health information. The existence of this problem certainly raises anxiety for many parties because the dangers of smoking not only affect themselves but also others around them.

Symptoms, Causes, and Ways to Treat MERS Virus

MERS or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a respiratory system tract illness caused by the corona virus. The beginning of the corona infection is not known precisely, but it is thought that this infection is most likely originated from camels residing in Saudi Arabia as well as its surroundings.

What Is Hemorrhoid? Types? And How To Prevent It

Do you know what hemorrhoid is? Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids is a widening of the vein in the hemorroidalis plexus which is not a pathological condition. Hemorrhoids can attack anyone without exception! But anatomically hemorrhoid disease is a physiological change, so it is not or not said to be a disease.

What are The Side Effects if We Take Too Much Medicine? Is It Dangerous?

Not a few of us have diseases that have been attached to our bodies, such as flu, cough, asthma, stomach ulcers and many others. Surely from us always prepare the medicine to always be near us, even when traveling the drug cannot be separated from us. What is the effect if we consume too much […]

Some Effects If You Are A Passive Smoker

Passive smoking is a person who breathes smoke from active smokers. The point is that there are active smokers and non-smokers, when the active smoker smokes then automatically exhales smoke from the process he smokes and spreads around and is inhaled by non-smokers. When non-smokers breathe air from the results of active smokers, they can […]

Tips For Overcoming Cough in Toddlers

When you start having a baby, you can keep it as much as possible so it doesn’t get sick. You will give exclusive breast milk or good milk, if you cannot give it breast milk. When you enter the age of six months, you begin to think of good and healthy food intake for your […]

Disease That Will Attack You If You Often Stay Up Late

You must have felt sleep deprivation. Sleep only for a few hours because you have to stay up late doing work assignments, office assignments, or other reasons. The next day, sleepiness whacks throughout the day, feels limp, lacks focus, lacks enthusiasm, or the mood becomes bad so it’s easy to get angry. Many people do […]