The Bad Impact of Junk Food on Body Health

Junk Food is called instant food or fast food, which has now developed rapidly in the competition of food companies in Indonesia. Fast food is rated by some people as more time-effective and easy to find. Not only that, fast food also has a delicious taste plus an affordable price.

5 Benefits of Drinking Complex Vitamin B

Actually there are more than a dozen vitamins, all of which are different and perform various functions. Most vitamin B complexes work together for the benefit of our bodies. Because of the close relationship between these vitamins, experts call it the vitamin B complex.

6 Types Of Foods That Can Improve Children’s Memory

1. Nuts Nuts are foods with a myriad of energies, ranging from carbon dioxide, protein and vitamins. With a myriad of energy contained in nuts, it will help children have more energy and high memory.

The Benefit of Drink Turmeric Herbs Every Day

Turmeric is not only an herb used for delicacy of food. Turmeric can be an herb that gives many benefits to the body. To prepare this healthy drink, all we need to do is put one teaspoon of turmeric powder in warm water, just a glass. Make sure we consume this fresh drink in the […]

Food That is Useful for Recovering Energy

Are you hard worker? Do you feel tired? Fatigue after a day’s work makes you have enough rest. But not many people can rest enough, for reasons of unfinished work and others. Well! For those of you who lack the rest and don’t have much energy to do tomorrow’s work, you can consume the following […]

7 Benefits of Consuming Dragon Fruits

1. Helps reduce weight Filling the tummy with fiber-rich as well as low-calorie foods, this dragon fruit will maintain your stomach feeling complete without fear of putting on weight. Additionally, dragon fruit will likewise make food digestion a lot more smooth due to the fact that it consists of a great deal of water.

5 Good Foods To Maintain Dental Health

You must have felt toothache? It happens because the pulp is inflamed. The causes of inflammation are various, including tooth decay, pus buildup on the base of the tooth due to infection of the battery, tooth decay, cracked teeth, or damaged tooth fillings. Therefore you must always maintain healthy teeth. We will tell you what […]

Reasons Why You Should Incoperate Mushroom In Your Diet

Mushrooms have actually been cultivated for ages due to the fact that they include a great deal of crucial nutrients and amazing health advantages. For instance, the mushroom is a great resource of selenium. This healthy food can make your body create more vitamin D particularly when you are subjected to sunlight. Additionally, mushrooms contains […]

What to Avoid and Must be Eaten for Gout

Foods can either raise or lower your uric acid levels, relying on their purine content. Nevertheless, fructose can increase your uric acid levels although it is not purine-rich. Utilize this list as a general overview to food options to improve your overall health, lower uric acid levels, as well as reduce your risk of painful […]