The Bad Impact of Junk Food on Body Health

The Bad Impact of Junk Food on Body Health

Junk Food is called instant food or fast food, which has now developed rapidly in the competition of food companies in Indonesia. Fast food is rated by some people as more time-effective and easy to find. Not only that, fast food also has a delicious taste plus an affordable price.

Fast food has long attracted controversy in our country because of the disclosure of some of the adverse effects it has. The bad impact is caused by the content of harmful substances in instant food such as candles in instant noodles. Do not stop there, in fact in fast food contain preservatives and flavoring which is called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

The phenomenon of the word micin is now suddenly often used by adolescents to adulthood if someone experiences things that are less normal. The purpose of the abnormal thing is like someone who is late thinking, long answer when invited to talk and so forth. Inevitably, fast food does contain dangerous substances as stated above.

A number of studies have proven that the frequency of consuming fast foods does not directly affect the body. However, fast food consumed will be buried in the body which later becomes the cause of deadly diseases such as cancer. Not only cancer, dangerous diseases also lurk for example strokes, appendicitis and kidney disease.

So if you belong to someone who likes to eat fast food, reduce it and start loving your body and yourself. It should be noted that one of the ingredients in instant food, namely wax, is difficult for the body to digest. The candle destroys the working principle of the body’s digestive system so that foods containing wax will be digested with a minimum of two days.

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