Tips for Not Oversleeping When You Wake Up

Tips for Not Oversleeping When You Wake Up

Must have experienced the name waking up late. Waking up late can hinder everything, starting from you not praying at dawn to coming to school or to the office it becomes late. We will give tips so that you don’t wake up late. For those of us who often wake up late we are obliged to watch this video.

1. Install an alarm

This method is quite effective to help you not oversleep, you can set what time you want to wake up so that it doesn’t oversleep, and also you can adjust the volume that will later wake you up.

2. Prepare a basin filled with water

Even though you have come to your senses from sleep, you will still find it difficult to open your eyes because you are too sleepy. Now to get around this you can use a basin that contains water and is located near you to sleep. The way is, when you wake up immediately, wipe the water forward. Guaranteed your eyes will immediately be literate.

3. Sleep comfortably

Sleeping comfortably can reduce you to wake up late, how to give a mattress and trim all the rooms of your room and turn off the lights, because sleeping with dark lights helps you sleep more relaxed.

4. Don’t eat too full before going to bed

When your stomach is full it will make you sleep too fast, not make your sleep quality, but you save more fat and you are lazy to move.

5. Avoid staying up late

Staying up late is indeed an activity that cannot be eliminated for students or teenagers. So that you don’t wake up late you should start sleeping from 9 o’clock and most nights are 11 o’clock. So you can sleep enough time. Most likely you won’t oversleep again.

6. Make sure all your tasks are done since night

If all your tasks are finished, you can sleep well and feel calm. And you can get up early.

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