What are The Side Effects if We Take Too Much Medicine? Is It Dangerous?

What are The Side Effects if We Take Too Much Medicine Is It Dangerous

Not a few of us have diseases that have been attached to our bodies, such as flu, cough, asthma, stomach ulcers and many others. Surely from us always prepare the medicine to always be near us, even when traveling the drug cannot be separated from us. What is the effect if we consume too much medicine and is it dangerous? To answer this question, see the explanation.

1. The appearance of new symptoms
If you consume too many antibiotics, you can develop new symptoms. You have never even experienced these symptoms and experienced them.

2. The appearance of drug allergies
Due to consuming too much medicine can also cause drug allergies. Drug allergy is if you consume certain drugs, certain symptoms will occur in your body. Like even more itching that can be more severe.

3. Disrupting heart function
The signs are heart palpitations and headaches.

4. The appearance of digestive disorders
The emergence of digestive disorders such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and others.

5. Joint pain
Do you feel joint pain when you mostly consume drugs? For drugs that can interfere with or cause joint pain, one of them is a cholesterol-lowering drug.

6. Lower mentality
The fact is that most people who overdose in taking medicine experience a high emotional level. This effect is caused due to changes in mood, fatigue, and some even experience prolonged depression.

7. Mistakenly taking medicine
How come? Because consuming too much medicine causes us to be difficult to distinguish between drugs and their uses.

My advice is that you better take the medicine as needed, which is recommended by the doctor or according to the needs of the disease, do not get too much, especially to overdose. Take care of your body!

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