What Is Hemorrhoid? Types? And How To Prevent It

What Is Hemorrhoid Types And How To Prevent It

Do you know what hemorrhoid is?

Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids is a widening of the vein in the hemorroidalis plexus which is not a pathological condition. Hemorrhoids can attack anyone without exception! But anatomically hemorrhoid disease is a physiological change, so it is not or not said to be a disease.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Causes of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids include the following:

– Less eating vegetables and fruit
– Prolonged diarrhea
– Cancer of the rectum around the anus
– Increased intra-abdominal pressure (in pregnant women)
– Rarely exercise
– Age factor
– Too much sitting or passive activity
– Often lifting heavy loads
– Having anal sex

What are the types of hemorrhoid disease?

1. Internal hemorrhoid
This type of swelling occurs in the rekctum so it cannot be seen or touched. Problems will become serious if the hemorrhoid continues to enlarge and out of the anus lips which will cause pain.

2. External hemorrhoid
Hemorrhoids of this type include the low group, occur in the anus and usually cause pain, pain, and sometimes itching around the anus.

What are the characteristics of a person having hemorrhoids?

– The feeling is propped up in wanting to defecate
– Feeling uncomfortable in the anus
– Exit hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids to the lips of the rectum
– Infection or inflammation of the blood in the rectum

How do you prevent hemorrhoids?

– Avoid straining too hard when defecating
– Don’t delay bowel movements
– Eat lots of fiber-rich foods
– Drink plenty of mineral water
– Avoid passive living activities, such as sitting too long
– Make sure to sleep enough
– Exercise regularly

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